A new (healthy) after school treat: Lush Crush

These are the perfect, guilt free dessert for you and the kids.


An ice cold treat on a stick is a quintessential piece of summer nostalgia that can take you back to your childhood. I loved sucking on those addictive Mirinda flavored jet-sports after hailing down the ice cream wala as he rolled down my street.

But over time, so many of us move away from these , as many are packed with loads of sugar as well as frightening amounts of artificial flavors and colors. However, a Karachi mom is prompting us to look at these frozen delights with fresh eyes, or tongue, as the case may be.

Lush Crush on Khayaban-e-Bukhari, ups the frozen dessert game by producing “organic ice-lollies” with ingredients such as real fruit and whole milk. These are the perfect, guilt free dessert for you and the kids on a sweltering afternoon,

lush crush

Though the menu is not as as expansive as that of an ice cream parlor, the uniformly high quality of their frozen bars is awfully tough to beat. The bars come in the traditional bars of our youth: light and icy as well as milk-based: smooth and creamy.

I tried the blueberry one and there were real berries in it, so it felt like I was getting some of my daily quotient of fruits with my popsicle.  Most of the other ice-lolly flavors are similarly citrusy like falsa, raspberry lemonade and mojito. Priced at just Rs120-180 a pop, these handmade sweets are definitely worth it.

lush crush 2

This compact shop’s layout is much like that of a typical ice cream parlor, albeit with more contemporary, industrial lines. Seating is limited to a few counter stools, giving the impression this shop gets more on grab-and-go than eat-in traffic.


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