A Wholesome Happy Mother’s Day


Maybe it’s too early for your young ones to understand the concept of mother’s day beyond their cute handmade cards. Or perhaps, you are tired of Mother’s Day every year and are looking for an alternative to breakfast in bed and flowers- whatever your reason, if it is a wholesome mother’s day that you are looking for, Team Mama has got you covered.

The following will ensure that this day is memorable and thoughtful and one that you and your kids can look back at with fondness. Here is a couple of things that you can enjoy doing with your family this mother’s day that go beyond.

Planting a Tree

Nothing says forever like an old Neem Tree. This will teach your children how a single deed can change our microclimate for the best. The positive impact of a small action done for the best of everyone will follow them for the years to come in its physically manifest form.
So buy a young plant, seedling or seeds from a neighborhood nursery and pick a spot to plant your tree.

Visit an Old Person’s Home

What better way to appreciate what you have than to share it with those who are not as privileged. Take your children to an old person’s home with gift bags, let them spend some time playing board games or listening to stories of an era gone past.

Visit an Orphanage

The thought behind this is the same as visiting an old person’s home and make those without parents feel a little less alone on Mother’s Day. It will teach your children to share their blessings with others and appreciate whatever little they might have in life. Bringing a smile to those children’s faces is easy when you take gift bags, board games and the most precious of all: your time and fun company along.

Photo Album

Organizing older pictures of your kids or your family in a photo album makes for a great way to spend mother’s day. Not only will it get your pictures sorted but it will give you a run through of some of the best memories you have made through parenthood.
You can get crafty and have your kids design a cover for the photo album.

Time Capsule

Make your historic cache of advice, photographs or letters with your young ones and seal them up this Mother’s Day. You may bury or keep this anywhere inaccessible like a safe, a flower bed in your backyard etc. Decide on a date ten to fifteen years from now when you will revisit this.


A checkered red and white picnic cloth and a basket full of sandwiches might be one of the most adorable ways to spend Mother’s Day with your young ones. This will give you some much needed organic quality time as a family.
If you can’t find a park or a picnic spot that you like enough, have a picnic in your garden.

Life cast

A life cast is a mould that captures fingerprints, wrinkles and even hair follicles. You can use a life casting kit to preserve your family holding hands and cherish it forever. It will serve as a keepsake of your love immortalized forever.
You can buy a life casting set here: https://www.castingkeepsakes.com/
If you are in Pakistan, use Nazdeeq: https://beta.nazdeeq.com/
to search for “Luna Bean keepsake plaster statue making kit” have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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