Around The World In 8 Restaurants


We all have an extensively planned travel wish on the top of our bucket lists but most of us are bound so we might just be dodging the wave of realism to keep our hopes alive but it’s going to hit us anytime now and we’ll instantly realize that we’re not taking that trip to Italy anytime soon.

Experience is vital and experience can be transported but Science still has not made it possible for us to have a vacation in France without having to leave Pakistan. However, like I said that experience can be transported, a major part of a country’s culture i.e. food can be brought to us so we can at least taste our desired country right from our plates. Hence, a trip around the world in 8 international themed restaurants in Karachi sounds like the only vacation I can afford (no accommodation fees!). Here’s what I gathered:

Il Posto (Italian):

Owners Sara Gillani and Arsalan Nayeem identified the need for restaurants that don’t serve the same food as any other you can name, so they found the perfect opportunity for an Italian restaurant to make its way to the foodies’ hearts. The name translates to “The Place” in Italian and sure has a sweet ring to it. Located on Phase 6, Khayabaan-e-Shahbaz, this little eatery is bringing new taste to our tongues.

Loco (Latin)

When you’re tired of the Niharis and Biryanis and want to have something unusual to eat, make sure you head straight to Loco for their exquisite options of Latin food. Latin Cuisine is fun and rich with Mexican, Spanish, Argentinian, and many more cultures that mix up and display themselves on our plates on the tables of Loco.

Copacabana Churrascaria (Brazilian)

Serving you sizzling meat straight from Brazil, this Brazilian Steakhouse is revolutionizing karachiites’ taste in dining with every menu item.

Paramount (Lebanese):

While Lebanese food does not sound too unusual in Karachi, the authenticity of Paramount speaks for itself to separate it from any other outlet offering similar cuisine. This kind of food caters to a very targeted audience as not everyone has the tongue for Lebanese food. Quite possibly the paramount of Lebanese food in Pakistan.

Café Flo (French):

Yes, we do have French food in Pakistan. And it’s in the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant on the hustling 26th street of DHA Karachi. With such a lovely reputation among loyal customers, Flo is something you need to get inside right now. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants to take your date to as well.

Ridan House of Mandi (Arabic):

Mandi is a very famous dish in Arab which consists of lamb and rice. People are crazy for it. So crazy, that there’s a whole separate restaurant made just for Mandi. They do serve other Arabic dishes, but their star seller is of course Mandi.

Sakura (Japanese):

If you’re a Sushi lover, Sakura should be your top choice. Karachi’s favorite Japanese restaurant Sakura is a five star restaurant in Pearl Continental that provides a luxury experience to fans of Japan.

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