Birthdays at the owls nest café


Being the mum of a summer baby I am often at a loss when it comes to planning a party for him. His sister who is December born gets to enjoy an outdoor event but for the little one there is only so much of paddling pool parties you can plan. So my quest for a fun afternoon to celebrate his birthday led me to the Owls Nest Café. Mama Say So has been doing a lot of coverage recently of this fun site and we wanted all the details on planning and hosting a party that fits most budgets and is easy to manage in this hot weather.

Their basic package starts at 15,000 and offers two hours of play time, the party room and pizzas for up to 15 kids which is great if looking to host a playdate maybe an end of term treat. Recently they have teamed up with local schools to host them in the mornings where children can come and play for a few hours and engage in a fun activity. Children get really excited about going out and imagine their delight when they come to a restaurant which mainly caters to their enjoyment.

The birthday offers go up to include exclusive run of the café for 2.5 hours, décor as per a theme chosen by the birthday boy or girl – the café has all popular themes covered but it can personalize them as per your specifications too. The thematic décor and arrangement includes photo booth props, cake tables décor and delicious edibles such as cake pops, cookies and much more. Our birthdays are often family affairs with grandparents and aunts and uncles being attendees so fear not a delicious buffet providing yummy treats such as peri bites, pasta and sandwiches can be laid out for them too. If you want to add to the kids menu there are multiple options available as the café has an extensive menu. The reason why I like indoor parties in this season is because the hostess does not have to stress about guests finding it too hot, there is less risk of wastage and food getting spoilt and venues such as the Owls nest have this down to a pat, you can choose a cake with their help or bring one yourself. There are options to go as minimalistic or elaborate as you want but be rest assured your child and their friends will have a great time. My friend Amal hosted her son’s party there and she was delighted at how effortless it all was. ‘all I really had to do was invite people and show up with the goody bags she said.

Also for slightly older kids who want to play but also want a structured activity at the party Owls nest has wonderful classes ranging from painting to cooking so it would be a fun idea to either incorporate a painting session with easel bay or do a cooking class with the little guests during the course of the party.

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