A day in the life of a new mother.


5.30am – woke up to the sound of Maya stirring in her sleep. Before her my mother used to joke wild horses could not wake me up but now even if she stirs a little I am awake. In the glow of the Philips Avent night light projector I walk towards the kitchen and quickly prepare her bottle, putting it in the Avent electric bottle warmer to heat to the right temperature, thankfully it is done in 3 minutes otherwise madam would have woken up the entire house with her cry for food.



8.30am – Trying to get some cleaning done while Maya sleeps – her feeding bottles pile up overnight and I am scared I will run out by next feed time – luckily the Philips Avent 4 in 1 electric steam sterilizer comes in handy and also gives the assurance that her bottles, teats and cups are clean and free of germs.


12 noon – I am trying to slowly get back to work and attempting to do so from home for the first year at least. It’s tough making calls from the room Maya is sleeping in, the color screen digital video monitor  is super handy as I can put her down for a nap and keep monitoring her every noise and movement whilst trying to sound professional on the phone or in the middle of a meeting.


2pm – Totally forgot about my nephew’s birthday have ordered the toddler mealtime set for him, its so cute hopefully it will make feeding him at mealtimes a little easier for my sister.


4pm – Armed with Maya’s pink feeding bottle I hand her over to her visiting grandmother and rush out for a few errands. The electrical breast pump is my best friend literally because whenever I get a chance I pump and store.





6pm – this is my favorite time of the day with Maya, after some garden time I feed her the veggies or fruit that I have steamed and blended and listen to some music together. She is happy watching the birds fly to their homes at sunset time.


8.30pm – following a massage and bath-time I take Maya into our bedroom to begin trying to coax her to sleep. With the air-purifier keeping our little one’s immediate environment free of airborne bacteria and germs and the lights shut we begin our 100th rendition of wheels on the bus and princess is rocked to sleep.


This article has been sponsored by Philips Avent Pakistan – the experiences and feedback are however the team’s own. As young mothers we have extensively used Philips Avent products in the last five years and can vouch for their good quality and safety.     

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