Kids need a hair cut? Here’s where to go


As kids grow so does their hair – visit any salon and can may spot a squirming toddler glaring at a stylist.

Thankfully, there are kid-friendly places to take your kids for those 4-6 week trims. Switch sleek interiors with toys, rides and mini TVs and you’ve got a recipe for a happy little camper.

Targeted  for children under 10-years-old this relatively new trend of hair salons for kids focuses on keeping kids minds occupied while experts tend to their tresses.

Chuckles Women and Kid’s Salon (Karachi)

Located at Zamzama, Chuckles has comfortable stools, funky chairs, and toy cars that might have your kids excited to chop off their split ends more often than required. The little ones can get everything from a casual trim, special mani and pedi to occasional henna services. Bonus point: Mama gets spa time too as Chuckles is also a full-time women‘s salon.

Cross Cuts (Islamabad)

As you are enter the salon, a giant alligator gate welcomes children to the space. Shelves showcasing stuffed toys and service chairs inspired by toys lend an air of a play. Children can also watch cartoons while getting haircuts. They have fun names for hairstyles like Harvey cut, batboy cut, police cut, racer style and likewise. The folks there understand the need of parents when it comes to grooming their children and it resonates inside the space.

Time for a fun cut at Crocscuts…

Posted by Crocscuts on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Kid’s Salon (Lahore)

In DHA, Lahore, the Kid’s Salon caters to kids of up to 12. You will find LEDs, candies, drawing games, swings, and tablets at the premises which capture the young, vibrant imaginations. Their services include haircuts and treatments and they make sure the young customers have a good time while they are at it.  The Kid’s salon is one of the most well-thought ones in the country where a simple hair styling experience turns memorable for the little ones.

Posted by The Kids Salon on Friday, September 22, 2017

Allenora Annie (Karachi)

Not a full-scale child’s salon, Allenora does offers special services like hairstyling and cuts for girls. These services are especially ideal for your little girl aged from 10 to 12 years who are headed to a formal event.




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