How to Make Mealtime Fun for Toddlers



Every mommy you come across will probably tell you how difficult mealtime can be with their tiny tots. Some even have to run after their toddlers while they stay focused more on creating mischief, whereas there are others who have to force feed the little tummies. Well, the struggle is real for sure, but did you know that you can actually make meal time fun by simply introducing some cute cutlery to your infants and toddlers while feeding them?

Yes, that’s absolutely true, and Philips AVENT has got you covered with a very interesting range. Are you ready to check a few of their products out? Here your go!

1. Fork Spoon and Knife Set

If your toddler is around 18 months of age, this Philips AVENT cutlery set can serve as a perfect option for making meal times more interactive during your little one’s development stages. The fork, spoon and knife may look a little too simple but are actually crafted specifically to assist children in self-feeding themselves. What’s even better is that the design helps prevent spills so mommy doesn’t have to spend too much time scrubbing off the mess once the meal is finished.

2. Cutlery Set

What do you do when you’re already having a tough time in making mealtime fun for your baby, and you have to feed them on the go? You bring out the Philips AVENT travel cutlery set from your bag! The cute spoon and fork offers easy-grip to help your toddler learn to self-feed and their non-slip handles prevent them from sliding inside the bowl. You don’t even have to worry about washing the cutlery as you can pop it right back in the travel case before placing it inside your purse and sterilizing it later at home.

3. Learning Spoon

Need more options to make your toddler’s mealtime a fun deal? Get this Philips AVENT customizable learning spoon that encourages your babies to develop their self-feeding abilities from as young as 6 months of age. The spoon’s handle is bendable which enables you to customize it according to your child’s grip as he grows. You can also rest the deep scoop spoon on the feeding bowl as it’s unlikely to slide in, or allow your little one have fun altering the shape of the spoon and exploring his food.

4. Mealtime Set

How about getting a complete meal set for your child to make eating a lot more fun? The Philips AVENT toddler mealtime set is just what you need. It comes in three different sized plates along with a fork and spoon set. Moreover, it has been carefully crafted to prevent any spills and slips and is also designed with a perfect grip for little hands. This set is recommended for toddlers above 12 months of age and are learning to self-feed.

5. Grown-up Cup


Having difficulty transitioning your little one from the bottle to cup? Fret not and get your hands on the Philips AVENT Grown-Up Cup to make the process fun and natural. This cup is a perfect solution for toddlers above 18 months as it helps them adept to grown up drinking ways while the no-lip design provides no hindrance in the development of healthy teeth. You don’t have to worry about fluid spilling either, because the cup consists of a smart valve that lets the liquid flow out only when the child’s lip is squeezed against its edge. Furthermore, it comes with a hygiene lid to keep off bacteria.

So what are you waiting for? Go bring some Philips AVENT cutlery home and let your little ones explore their food on their own while you sit in awe watching them create a healthy mess during meal times. It’s going to be a fun learning experience!

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Written by Zara Fahad

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