Nanny Cam 101: What you need to know


A nanny cam can be a useful tool if it is used appropriately, and can also be a quick way to destroy a relationship if it is used improperly. it’s wise to use what technology has to offer to monitor kids’ safety and care. Young children can’t tell you what’s happening while you are gone. It’s easier when kids are older and can let you know if their nanny is distracted by her phone, avoids outdoor play, or doles out snacks you forbid.

Wired hidden cameras are connected by a video cable or recording device. Whereas, wireless hidden cameras have inbuilt transmitter that will send video wirelessly to a hidden receiver, which is connected to the video recorder or live monitoring.Motion activated s motion activated camera has fantastic feature, its infrared illumination allow for recording in total darkness up to 20 feet.


i-Baby Monitor

With 720pixel HD video resolution, night vision, humidity sensor, 360 degree pan & 110 degree tilt, two way audio and video recording, iBaby Monitor M6T alerts you through its mobile app every time something is happening with the baby. Thanks to the app, it is not just you, but the baby’s grandparents in their hometown can also talk with the baby anytime and keep an eye on her when you are at work.

A major complaint about iBaby Monitors is that the routers may have to be reconfigured while installing the monitor. If you are planning to use it as a night time baby monitor, then you may not be entirely satisfied as many reviews suggest that the monitor is a tad extra-sensitive and cannot be fixed on the crib without buying a flat plate. But as a nanny cam, this works perfectly fine.

D3D wireless indoor security camera

A highly rated security camera that has all features of a standard nanny cam and is economical too. Using the mobile app, you can remotely control the camera as well as talk with the baby thanks to two way-audio facility. The infrared vision and motion detection helps keep a watch over the home during night as well. The speed and quality of the video feed is also good.

Nest Security Camera

Designed to be mounted or rested on a flat surface, you can use it wherever you need the most monitoring. Nest’s camera comes with bells and whistles like motion alerts, night vision, live streaming, and 8x zoom. While it’s pretty pricey—about $200—Nest is a company that produces high quality and long lasting products that are worth the splurge.

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