Orange Tree Carnival: Our favorite things


Carnivals are always so much fun. This Sunday  we attended the one-day fundraising initiative The Orange Tree Carnival by acclaimed NGO the Orange Tree Foundation. We enjoyed the carnival atmosphere with an assortment of rides and attractions to suit a diverse range of ages and tastes. We had some delicious food, cookies and cream popsicle from Ice pop, yum homemade cinnamon roll from Cinbox, bought some decoration pieces, got some cute baby outfits, and little A’s favourite playdough from Busy Little Hands. We had a good time eating and shopping and the best part about it was everything we bought, all proceeds would go to charity.

The Carnival featured a full day of fun activities including

  • Play Rides
  • Games
  • Most Popular Eating Houses
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Giant 70 % Discount Stall
  • Calligraphy Auction
  • Prayer Arrangements for Ladies and Gents and much more.

Not only did it gave entertainment and fun to the visitors, they also gave people the opportunity to participate in Sadaqah/Charity by providing them Clothes, Perfumes, Paintings of landscapes and calligraphy, Unstitched fabric, Books, Decorations, Purses, Toys, Electronics, Crockery and Cutlery , Other household items that we don’t use anymore or the gifts that are lying at our home uselessly. Those items got sold on the carnival day to raise funds for the less privileged kids.


Students from prominent academic institutions attended the Carnival with enthusiasm and zeal. It was a well managed event.

Orange Tree Foundation is a Karachi based not-for-profit educational society that works to support education of deserving kids in mainstream schools. The program targets Karachi-based working families who are financially challenged yet at the same time, eager to provide the best available education standard to their children. The Foundation supports the expenses related to the sponsored kid’s education and health, also ensuring that the child completes his/her education and is taken to a professional level in the respective career of his/her choice.

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