Owl’s Nest Play Cafe; an eatery with a purpose


As a nation we are obsessed with food, as Karachittes we love going out and eating out. But add a couple of little kids wriggling in their high chairs or trying to climb up the wall and you find yourself wondering why did we even go out. In such a situation the Owl’s nest café has been a godsend. Imagine catching up with your bestie or better half over a yummy meal or a delicious cup of coffee while your little ones play and remain blissfully distracted.

Kudos to the husband wife duo for venturing into this uncharted territory. They started with a play area café where the focus is on different play sections from an elaborate sensory water play area where tiny tots don cover up and float ships to a soft play area with learning toys and hammocks.  And unlike mall soft play areas where its all about a padded space and a basic coffee machine this is a proper restaurant serving meals breakfast onwards with a dedicated kids menu that has all their favorites.

Placed as a to go spot for families it’s not just a pay and play – instead it has promoted itself as a party venue where you can host birthday parties, organize fun play dates and enroll your kids into cool classes. Their January schedule looks like good fun with a range of sessions from making slime to pencil sketching. And every season from summer camp to Christmas celebrations there is something going on to keep clients engaged. I have attended birthdays at the owls nest and the hostess seemed at ease given all they had to do was get the cake and goodie bags from food to décor and games the rest is all taken care of.

I would like to think of Owls nest as a community space which encourages mums to collaborate their special skills and develop classes, and hosts everything from chand raat festivities to mother’s day specials.  Story telling sessions for kids on Independence Day and art events where you express yourself on the easel are some of the events the owners have hosted.

The brunch menu for the first anniversary celebrations was super yummy with variety ranging from nihari created from dadi’s recipe to nutella roll ups to appease the pickiest of eaters. And a whole new range of dishes are coming up to cater to different tastes and food preferences.

So drop by owls nest with your kids and their friends – you are guaranteed a fun outing.

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