Ramadan Crafts Ideas for Kids


Ramadan is the time to exercise self-control and show compassion towards the less fortunate. But getting the kids excited about Ramadan can be quite challenging, especially when they are not fasting along with the other members of the family. So how can you educate your children about Ramadan and Eid without making it boring for them? By getting them to perform some Ramadan-themed crafts, of course! So, here are 5 Eid and Ramadan crafts ideas that will make learning about the importance of this holy month fun and enjoyable for children.

1. Craft Paper Mat

You Will Need:

• Foam half sheets

• Yarn

• Hole punch

• Stickers, sequins, markers.

How To:

1 Tell your kid to punch ten holes at the bottom of the foam sheet. It’s here where kids will attach the yarn tassel.

2 Now tell him/her to make two holes at the top of the foam sheet, about an inch from the sheet.

3 Now allow your kid to decorate the mat anyway he/she likes.

4 Cut 10, 6 to 7-inch strips from the rug tassels and tie at the bottom of the mat.

5 Cut a piece of ribbon or yarn, double the width of the foam sheet. Now tie the yarn or ribbon to the top of the mat. Allow your kid to hang it wherever he desires. This is a kid friendly Ramadan craft.

2. Decoupage Jar:


You Will Need:

• Glass or plastic jar with lid.

• Tissue paper in various colors.

• Glue

• Water

• Foam brush

How To:

1 Combine 2 tablespoons of glue with two tablespoons of water.

2 Cut out or tear the tissue paper pieces in various colors. The pieces should be a little more 2 to 3 inches in size.

3 Apply a thin coating of glue on the jar using the brush or finger.

4 Now tell your child to stick the torn pieces of tissues onto the glue. Tell him that he has to cover the entire surface with the tissue paper.

5 Again, apply a thin layer of glue and stick the pieces of tissue paper. Repeat the method once again.

5 Lastly, apply a thin layer of glue to seal it. Leave it to dry completely.

6 Once the jars have dried, put a candle or LED light inside the jar and place in the garden. This is the best Eid crafts for kids.

3. Paper Kaaba:

You Will Need:

• A square box

• Black Paint

• Newspaper and Paper Mache Paste.

• Gold Tape or gold paint

• Glue

How To:

1 Apply paper Mache paste on the box and leave it to dry.

2 If you don’t have paper Mache paste, then cut out strips of newspaper. Cover the box with the paper strips.

3 Tell your kid to paint the box with black paint. Apply several coats if required.

4 Now tell your kid to decorate the Kaaba with the golden tape or paint.

4. Crescent Moon Magnet:

You Will Need:

• Felt in two colors.

• Needle

• Embroidery thread.

• Stuffing

• Scissor

• Magnet

• Pins

How To:

1 Download and print out the crescent moon and star template from the internet.

2 Pin the template to the green, felt and cut out two pieces of the moon.

3 Pin the star template to the yellow felt and cut out a piece.

4 Stitch the two green crescent moon pieces to each other, leaving one corner.

5 Put the stuffing and the magnet in the middle section of the moon and sew it all the way round.

6 Sew the star to one end of the moon. The magnet is ready.

5. Decorative Tile:

You Will Need:

• 4×4 tiles glazed tiles.

• Ribbon

• Hot glue gun

• Mod Podge spray

• Permanent markers

• Glue gun sticks

How To:

1 Cut out 6 to 8 inches of ribbon and glue on the back of the tile. Leave it aside to dry.

2 Tell the kids to draw the images on the tiles.

3 Once they complete drawing, spray Mod Podge over it. Leave it aside to dry. The decorative tiles are ready to hang.

These five lovely crafts will help your little one understand tradition, culture, and festivities of Ramadan and Eid in an awesome way. The crafts are simple enough for kids to do on their own or with moderate adult supervision.

How does your little one spend the month of Ramadan? Does he like making crafts during Ramadan? If yes, then please share his work with us by commenting below!

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