Ramadan is finally here!


The Holy Month of Ramadan is finally here.We are so excited for Ramadan this year and so thankful for making it through a full year in time for the next Ramadan.

Ramadan is not only about starving ourselves for the respect of the poor, but also about teaching us the right, and preventing us from committing any sins. It teaches us to stay loyal and humble as well as staying positive.

Here are some tips/ things to do this holy month:

*Make sure you guys stay hydrated. It is going to be a really hot Ramadan for most of us so drink lots of water when you break the fast on to suhoor .

*Wake up for suhoor/Fajr, trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.
*Help out the less fortunate, Ramadan is a lot harder to take part in when you don’t have a proper meal to break your fast with




*Try to go to the nearest mosque and donate even a little, I don’t have much but I’ll put in as much as I can. Thus, please try to donate so our brothers and sisters can have a safe Ramadan too.

*Help out in the kitchen. If you don’t want to make the food, then you should offer to wash the dishes. Ignorance is on an all time high during Ramadan.

*If people at work/University/school question you during lunch time, educate them on the purpose of Ramadan and it’s message. Don’t let them mock you. Ramadan is not exclusive. If someone wants to take part in it, don’t exclude them. Let them try it. The whole point of Ramadan is to teach you endurance, patience and appreciation for what you have, so please don’t mock or attack any non-Muslim trying to participate.

*Make plenty of dua for our Brothers and Sisters around the world and ask Allah to remove their oppression.

*Be mindful of your character. Any moment at all that you feel anger, resentment or envy remember that Shaitan is no longer here to entice you.

*Last but not least, make dua. Make dua. Make dua. It only gets easier from here on out. May we all use this month to our advantages!

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