Ramadan Moon just 3 days away!


Drama Mama has organized a full day of activities at Happy Place on the 12th of May called “Ramadan Moon”.

It is a festive family play day to build excitement for and welcome the most wonderful time of the year. There will be lots to do, see and learn.


Here are some things we are looking forward to doing at Ramadan Moon!

1. Donating to the giant charity jar

We hear there is some mega donation collections going on at Ramadan Moon and we’re so excited to participate. Everyone knows giving is the best gift to the giver and the perfect way to get into the ramzan spirit! Bring your wallets guys!

2. Getting our hands in the Rooh Afza playdough

What is Ramzan without Rooh Afza? We’re thrilled that this fundamental aspect of our rozas has been incorporated in to playtime! Just don’t let us eat any please!

3. Finally getting a copy of Drummer Girl

We’ve been waiting a long time for this gold medal winning picture book by our homegrown author. And if Drama Mama’s around, we’re thinking, lets get a signed copy!

4. Eating pani puri on the grass

Sounds dreamy and the ideal start to the summer holidays. (there’s also going to be bun kababs and ice cream and much more!)

5. Buying Ramadan decor

We’ve got our eye on the gold letter cutout banners and at least two of the sweet hand-painted matkas to spruce up our home this year. What about you?!

6. Singing along during story time

Last year’s memories of the whole crowd singing the Qasida Burda Sharif together still give us delicious shivers and we can’t wait to do it again this year.

7. Meeting friends & making memories

Probably the nicest thing about Drama Mama events – they always feel like reunions of everyone from your social circle. We plan on getting lots of selfies in with pretty much everyone we know! Also: group hug!


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