Ramadan Moon: Bringing joy to the season


Entrepreneur, writer and mama Hiba Masood popularly known as ‘DramaMama’ organized a joy filled community for families to celebrate Ramadan season.

The Ramadan Moon was a bright, colorful event attended mostly by members of the Happy Place community – a play school also led by Masood.

A kiddie-sized mosque stood in the garden where children rushed to paint it brilliant shades of violet, purple, and lavender.

Calling it an event “like no other in Pakistan” some of the parents talked about how Ramadan Moon helped frame the season in a positive, festive tone for young children helping then to get excited about the season of fasting.

We loved discovering brand new stalls of our cool new kiddie stuff.

Ramadan duas were shared and wishes were made…

Kids were busy with play dough and creations

The day was a time for joy, bonding and smiles.

As the sunset the magic only continued – story time began! Hiba Masood’s published book “Little drummer girl” was performed for an enthusiastic crowd, with a real life drummer girl.

Ramadan Moon is one of a series of events led by Hiba Masood to return the unbridled joy of childhood into daily life.

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