Teddy Tennis, the cutest way of learning a grownup sport!


One of the best things you can do for your kids is encourage them to participate in sports. Aside from great exercise to burn off the sugar high, it is amazing for developing coordination skills, encouraging teamwork and giving them a push towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Tennis which is considered to be a serious sport is being given a fun twist thanks to a new form of learning.  

The aim of Teddy Tennis is to encourage young children to learn to play tennis in a way that’s fun for them. Lessons are based around songs, pictures, teddy bear characters and games. Music is used to build the rhythm that is key to playing tennis, and pictures of teddy bears are used to introduce different aspects of the game. 

We were invited to attend a lesson being taught as part of their exciting winter camp and watching the little ones have a great time we did wish we were their age too! If you are looking for something fun for your kids to do during their winter break or on a more long term basis Teddy Tennis is a fantastic new fun way to encourage young children to get active and learn to play tennis. 

There are two classes running in Karachi right now: 

For classes at KDA, register here: 



For Winter Camp at Clifton, register here:


join now before the slots are full!

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