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Blogging in Pakistan was never as exciting and thriving as it is now! We still have to go a long way, but it’s great to see a few individuals in every niche blogging like ninjas. One of the latest popular niches in Pakistan is parenting and mom blogging. To have an insight into the influential power of blogs dedicated to motherhood, we have compiled a list of our favorite Pakistani mom bloggers. Their content is family focused that leverages the trust earned from years of interacting with their followers/readers. Let’s have a look!

Hiba Masood from DramaMama

Talk about Pakistani mom bloggers and DramaMama is the first name that comes to mind. The blog is run by Canadian-Pakistani writer and columnist Hiba Masood. She launched DramaMama five years ago after her son was diagnosed with autism. Her blog is for every parent looking for resources designed around children’s literature, parenting tips, storytelling, and art.

She is also working towards encouraging Urdu story telling through her story time events  educational institutions, and hospitals across Pakistan. This super mom  impact she has been changing the way parents perceive modern family through her work.

Tamania Naqi from Urdu Mom

Tamania is no less than a wonder woman: this Canada based Pakistani blogger started Urdu Mom to share the ways she teaches  cultural values and Urdu to her daughter. Her live classroom sessions and blog posts soon took off with not only among expat parents but also with Pakistani moms. Her identity focused blog finds harmony between western and eastern values. Urdu Mom is not just another parenting guide – you will also find recipes, playtime experience, and educational resources.

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Baubles and Brocade

Baubles and Brocade features a fashionista mom who is a Pakistani blogger based in Dubai. She is an Instagram influencer who views the world from a lens of a modern, urban mother. If you are a mom struggling to find a personal style in the madness of motherhood, she shows you how being a mom is can be chic! Oh and her daughter is equally stylish just so you know!

Spice My Life

Maomoona covers two niches–food and parenting! We all know how well these two go together and Spice my Life makes sure to present both in a fun way. There are every day parenting tips like activities with kids, meals planning and traveling with children. Even if you don’t follow her recipes, readers are sure to have a good time following her life as a mother.


Six years ago when I had my first child I felt I was drowning.I was twenty three years old, had just had major…

Posted by The Average Mommy on Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Average Mommy Blog

Tanya Zafar’s light but insightful tale on motherhood in The Average Mommy is relatable. She steers clear of how to’s or tips choosing instead to focus on frank and sometimes hilarious personal accounts on the reality of motherhood. We also love that The Average Mommy features followers posts where they can share their inspirational parenting stories.

These bloggers keep us hooked to their blogs and provide some really useful tips, resources, and inspiration. Know any other super mom blogger? Tell us in the comments below!





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