Warm it up Mom! Best bottle warmer for babies


When a baby nurses, breast milk is body temperature, so it makes sense then that babies often prefer bottles of warm milk over cold. But don’t go running for your microwave yet! Using it to heat breast milk or formula is a no-no. Microwaves can create hot spots that can scald your baby’s mouth.

Enter bottle warmers. They aim to make heating a chilled bottle, freezer bag of milk or refrigerated baby food a quick and simple task.

Bottle warmers can make the heating process faster and sound an alert when the milk or food is ready to go.

We asked a few real families about the baby products they love the most. They all suggested us Phillips Avent electric products.

The Phillips AVENT warmer circulates warm water around bottles and baby food placed inside. This gentle method ensures even heating and prevents hot spots that could burn your baby’s mouth. And it doesn’t take too long either. A medium-size bottle is warmed in about three minutes. Another benefit we love? The defrost setting that warms up frozen milk and baby food.

You can find bottle warmers and the details here:


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