Zhalay reveals how she deals with tantrums

When kids misbehave the model suggests tough love.


This summer Zhalay Sarhadi played a tough as nails single mom in the off beat coming of age tale Chalay Thay Saath. Her gritty character goes against the odds to prove that she can’t be boxed into one role. Zhalay does the same every day. She is a model, model, actor and a wife and manages time between work and home carefully.

“I adore being a mom”

With her million dollar smile and articulate  she quickly shot to fame. As the host of Geo’s Shadi Online Zhalay became a household name but her repertoire soon expanded to far more than television. The leggy beauty was ruling the ramp and then she became a mom.

Her marriage and her baby did not impede her career though. According to Zhalay people relate more with married women with children than with single girls. She started a health regime 10 days after delivering her daughter Anaya who is now in school.We caught up with  Zhalay to talk about her favorite aspects of being a mom.

What is the best thing about being a mom ?

The best thing I have experienced is the unconditional love you receive. My baby gives me pure joy when she smiles at me and says, “I love you mama.” 

What is your fondest memory of  Anaya?

I will never forget the early days when Anaya started talking and responding as a baby.  

Who chose your daughter’s name ?

It was a joint effort by the entire family. We had a list of names and every one decided on Anaya.

What do you worry about as a parent ?

I think every parent has the same concerns: the safety of our children and their good health .

How did becoming a parent change your life ?

I became more responsible as a person when I became a mother. It also made me realize my own mother’s love for me. I am sad to say that I had been silly enough to take it for granted.

How do you spend your Sunday ?

The whole family likes to spend Sunday together. We love family outings to the beach!

Is your Anaya shararti?

 I am blessed with a sharp child but she isn’t naughty at all .

What is her favorite toy?

Being a girl she started off liking dolls and now she loves her beauty set . She also loves reading books, just like me.

What do you do when your child is being ziddi ?
The best thing to do is ignore her. After her tantrum I reason with her. She is, on the whole, the best kid I could ever wish for.

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